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Our Story

Hi there,

I’m Kim Hesse, a detail oriented, spreadsheeting loving human that craves the adrenaline of running live events. 

If you’re visiting this page I’m guessing you’re like me (a little crazy about events) or, on the flip side, you couldn’t think of anything worse than running an event and you’re here for a little help... either way you’re in the right place. Welcome to our world of events.

Venues 2 Events started 15 years ago in my bedroom with little more than a few hundred dollars on loan from Nanna, a laptop on finance and a bunch of passion. I made a business card, registered a PO Box in South Yarra (because that sounded fancy) and as they say the rest is history.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel our beautiful country creating amazing events. From outdoor cinemas, winter festivals, roadshows, multi-day conferences, product launches to penthouse parties... my experience and that of our team makes us a force to be reckoned with. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time online with us, our aim is to provide a hub of resources for the whole industry.

Today, Venues 2 Events is dedicated to helping:

Event Planners (novice, starting out and the uber experienced) run your ‘Best Event Ever’.

  • Our search facility will help you find your perfect venue and/or event supplier
  • Our blog provides event hints and tips you can apply immediately
  • Our online event training program shares our event ninja secrets and templates
  • Our personalised event management service will have us working alongside you to ensure the success of your event

Venues and Suppliers fill your function space and run events that have your clients coming back time after time.

  • Our online directory sends event enquiries direct to your inbox
  • Our team are here to provide advice and support
  • Our monthly or annual pricing packages create flexibility
  • Our easy to load pages save you time
  • Our comprehensive statistics make reporting simple

Our business is ‘All About Events’, we:

  • Are Professional Conference Organisers, our event team manage a select few National Conferences across Australia per year
  • Publish an online venue directory, helping event planners find the perfect venue
  • Run training programs teaching in-house Event Managers our proven 6 step process to running successful business events
  • Host regular webinars and in-person industry seminars

We LOVE events so much we have published:

  • That Was The Best Event Ever - 6 Steps to running successful business events
  • Fill My Function Space - How to select, compare and get ROI from venue directories
  • The Black Book of Events - Industry Magazine and event planning tool

Industry thought leaders:

I’ve had a blast delivering presentations for the following organisations at their National Conferences and training days:

  • Meetings & Events Australia
  • Professional Conference Organisers Association
  • Cairns & Great Barrier Reef Business Events
  • Eventbrite
  • That was the Best Event Ever National Roadshow (ICMI Speakers and Venues 2 Events)
  • Melbourne University

So, what does all of this mean?

We work in events - We love events - We understand events

I should also tell you that we’re a family business. How cool is that!? I feel so lucky to work with my super talented brother and the best Mum ever. Together, we are Team Venues 2 Events who fiercely care about each other and the clients we work with. We also have a hand selected army of talented, passionate and detail oriented event ninjas who join our team to execute large scale events and conferences. Buy us a coffee and we’ll tell you stories of the ‘behind the scenes’ lengths we have gone to, to ensure the success of our events.