People RSVPd but didn’t show up…why?

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

People have registered to attend your event and you think that you have 100 people in the room and then on the day only 50 show up. Why is that? 

What I would like you to do is look at your follow up process. Put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and look at the information you are sending them once they RSVP. 

Do they get an automatic confirmation that pops up on screen that says congratulations you’ve secure your place? 

Then, what I would like you to be doing is sending a confirmation email and a document with information about the venue, location, parking, public transport, when you need to arrive by this is when the event starts, if they will be provided with food, what the dress code is…? Have you created one of these detailed documents? You might have even gone to the venue and looked at the parking signs and parking meter and told your guests they need to bring 2 x $2 coins along with them.

What are your confirmation documents saying to people about your event? What are they saying about your level of organisation? What are they saying about your level of care that they actually turn up? 

In the weeks leading up to your event you can stay in touch with your guests and the week of your event it is essential that you send them an email saying “we looking forward to seeing you, please see attached information to make for a seamless arrival” because the original email you sent them when their registered is most likely buried under a pile of new emails they received after yours. 

Map out your follow up process, put yourself in the shoes of your guests and ask yourself what would you need to ensure a seamless arrival at the venue? 

This process not only increases your attendance rate but saves you time as you eliminate the need for guests to call and ask “where do I park” “what is the dress code” because you have provided all of that information for them. 

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