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The Event Ninja Academy

It’s you, your computer and all of the event training, templates + checklists you will need to run your Best Event Ever. 

Event Ninja Academy is an online, 6-module event training program which gives you lifetime access to the training modules and templates. 

Built on the back of Kim Hesse’s and Venues 2 Events’ face-to-face training program, this program takes you through our proven step-by-step process for running successful events with pre-prepared checklists and templates to help you along with way. 

Whether you are new to events or have been in the game for a while, this fresh new training will help you run events at the highest level while saving time and money.

Is the Event Ninja Academy right for you?

Are you an in-house event planner, do you plan events as part of your job role, maybe you are an experienced event planner or freelancer or looking to break into the exciting world of events? 

If so, Event Ninja Academy was made for you and will help you:

  • Increase guests at your events
  • Sign up sponsors and contra partners
  • Run successful events
  • By providing hints and tips you can implement immediately
  • Access checklists when needed
  • Follow a proven process to running events
  • Save time and money with access to templates
  • Connect with a like-minded community
  • Contact us and other event planners to ask questions and seek advice
  • Ensure none of the vital steps are missed

Training module inclusions

What you will learn in Module One

  • CONTRA DEALS - How to apply contra deals to your event.
  • SPONSORSHIP - How to write sponsor documents and have companies sponsor your event.
  • WHY - Let’s really talk about the reason you are holding your event.
  • OBJECTIVES - Define your objectives and create ones that can be measured.
  • YOUR GUESTS - What’s in it for your guests? Understanding why your guests will attend.
  • IMPRESSION - What impression do you want your guests to leave with?
  • WHO - Who needs to attend your event?
  • WHEN - When is the best time to hold your event? 
  • WHERE - Where is the best place to hold your event?
  • STAKEHOLDERS - Who else needs to be involved within your organisation? 
  • STYLE - What style of event is best to achieve your outcomes?
  • EVENT BUDGET - Let’s start with a great event budget template.

Templates you can access in Module One
Event Brief, Contra Proposal, Sponsor Proposal, Event Budget

What you will learn in Module Two

  • VENUE BRIEF - How to create a simple, yet detailed summary of your event requirements.
  • VENUE HUNT - How to find the perfect venue.
  • PROPOSALS - Do you have all of the information you need? Has the venue answered all the points in your brief?
  • COMPARE - How to compare different venue proposals as they are all so different.
  • SITE INSPECTION - It might be great on paper, but nothing beats seeing the venue first hand, we have a handy. checklist of things to look out for and questions to ask.
  • NEGOTIATE - All the right questions to ask your venue to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Templates you can access in Module Two
Venue Brief, Venue Hunting Form, Venue Comparison Chart, Site Inspection Checklist, Negotiation Examples

What you will learn in Module Three

  • HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO ATTEND - A really cool affiliate strategy you can easily implement to reach potential guests outside of your database.
  • GUESTLIST - Who should be invited to your event?
  • INVITATION TYPE - Physical? Email? Do you need an event website?
  • INVITATION CONTENT - How to create an invitation that gets people to attend.
  • REGISTRATION - What platform should you use?
  • SEND INVITATIONS - When is the best time to send your invitation?
  • CONFIRM - Create an immediate confirmation for your guests.
  • AUTOMATE - How to automate your confirmation emails.
  • FOLLOW UP - The follow-up process that ensures people turn up on the day.

Templates you can access in Module Three
Affiliate Proposal, Invitation Must Have’s, Event Confirmation Document, Follow Up Emails

What you will learn in Module Four
This is by far our biggest module where you will be provided hints, tips and
a checklist for each of the below areas:


Templates you can access in Module Four
Event Timeline, Slide Creation, Presenter Acceptance Form, Presenter Welcome Email, Presenter Information Kit, Sponsor Acceptance Form, Sponsors Welcome Email, Sponsor Kit, Accommodation Rooming List, Event Run Sheet, Audio Visual Run Sheet, Guest Itinerary, Seating Chart, Photographer Brief, Videographer Brief, Outdoor Event Checklist, Event Payment Schedule

What you will learn in Module Five

  • SUPPLIERS IN PARTNERSHIP - How to create a killer team on-site at your event.
  • EVENT ORDER IS KING - Why your event order is the most important document.
  • CONFIRM - Confirm everything, and we mean everything.
  • ASSIGN JOB ROLES - How to ensure your team know what to do and you aren’t the centre of all questions.
  • CHECKLIST - The vital checklists you will need on the day of your event.
  • EVENT FOLDER - What do you need in your event folder on event day?
  • EVENT TOOLKIT - The must-have items you need in your on-site toolkit.

Templates you can access in Module Five
Job Role Document, On-site Checklist

What you will learn in Module Six

  • OBJECTIVES - Did your event meet the objectives you set out in Step 1?
  • FEEDBACK - Let’s plan your event feedback forms well in advance.
  • BUDGET - Reconcile your event budget, sponsor income and event expenses.
  • DE-BRIEF - How to handle this super important step of your event and capture the data you need.
  • CELEBRATE - Don’t forget this all important step once all of the hard work is over.
  • RECOGNISE - It’s important to build lasting relationships and acknowledge those that helped make it happen.
  • PROMOTE - Your event is over but the opportunity to promote your event is there for the taking.

Templates you can access in Module Six
Feedback Form, Event De-Brief

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