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We specialise in producing Corporate and Association Conferences

Is planning your event sparking excitement, or inciting fear? Are you strapping yourself in for a spreadsheet creating adrenaline ride or are you wanting to hand the reigns over to someone who loves detail a lot more than you do?

Which ever option you choose, know that, we get you.

So... what does an Event Manager do?

If you’re asking this question we understand why. The world of event management and professional conference organising can be a little confusing. The types of things we can help you with are:

  • Event Registration - We recommend the most suitable registration platform for your style of event then create your online registration page for either paid or free tickets. We design the page to ensure you receive the most amount of delegates possible, collect delegate information, send tax invoices and confirmation emails.

  • Event Website - An event website provides a single information touchpoint for your target audience, making it simple and easy to find information and book tickets. We can create an event website including separate pages for your program, link to register, call for papers, speaker information, sponsor promotion, contact information and more.

  • Sponsors - We understand how vital sponsors are to your event. We have a bunch of experience and clever ways to ensure your sponsors are happy and receive maximum exposure and leads. We can review your current sponsor prospectus, add new ideas and introduce new packages. If you don’t have a sponsor prospectus we can design your document (including package details, pricing, images and a pricing matrix) and create pricing and packages to ensure a win-win is established for both parties.

  • Speaker Management - Great speakers create great content and great content sells tickets. We can assist with your call for papers, prepare briefing documents, collect and test presentations, manage their technical requirements and ensure your speakers have support and all of the information to be prepped and ready to deliver an outstanding session. 

  • Budget Management - We can be as involved as you would like. From event budget creation (ensuring all the tiny details are accounted for) to budget management, sending invoices and following up.

Yes, absolutely!

An Event Manager and Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) are pretty much the same thing. A PCO exclusively organises conferences whereas an Event Manager might organise many different styles of events.

What we offer

Venues 2 Events can be involved in any aspect of your event. Whether you require full-service event management or just a little help.

Full-service Event Management

Hosting an event but don’t want the hassle? Easy. Venues 2 Events can plan, implement and manage your event from start to finish, meaning you can enjoy the event rather than working it.

Event Consulting

Are you an event manager that just needs some support? From initial planning to progress tracking, providing advice and proven concepts for sponsorship, generating attendees and sales, marketing and every other aspect of your event, Venues 2 Events is here to help. Gain unlimited access to all of the V2E templates and guides that help them run their own events and tap into Kim Hesse’s unique experience in the event industry. We can customise bespoke packages or you can pick and choose from a consulting a la carte menu of services. The flexibility is yours.

Virtual Events

The Venues 2 Events team can also offer a range of virtual and hybrid event options to either replace or work in conjunction with your existing event. At the start of 2020, the V2E team created and held a webinar series on running virtual events which you can view here.

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