Join us for a relaxed and open chat about virtual events

We have brought together our favourite industry leaders and all-round great people in this free webinar series to help you cut through the noise and talk openly and honestly about events and how we can continue to run our Best Events Ever! 

Join us as we have a chat, a few laughs and share some practical hints and tips you can apply immediately to help plan your next event (whatever that may look like).

Webinar 1 - The Event Management behind Virtual Events - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

with Kim Hesse from Venues 2 Events

Kim will share with you:

  • What everyone seems to be forgetting at the moment about running events.
  • I’ve never run a virtual event, where do I start? Let’s break it down step by step. 
  • Should you run a virtual event or simply postpone your planned event? 
  • How do you price tickets and sponsorship for a virtual event? 
  • What will live events look like from this point forward. 
  • Why holding a virtual event this year might just be the best thing you could ever do to ensure your 2021 event is the biggest and best ever!

Webinar 2 - Let’s talk about event platforms, software, hints and tips to help your virtual event run smoothly

with Kimmo from Brella

  • Setting up your virtual venue and creating an interactive event schedule.
  • Creating networking opportunities in a virtual event setting.
  • How do you make sure your sponsors still receive value and what to say to them. We will explore virtual booths and meeting facilitation between sponsors and delegates?
  • Managing speakers, presentations, panel and breakout sessions.
  • How to decide between live and pre-recorded content and how to make presentations accessible post event.
  • Managing your event on the day to minimise technical and internet glitches.

Webinar 2b - Brella and Virtual platforms through the eyes of an Event Manager

with Luke Hesse from Venues 2 Events

Webinar 3 - Managing your Speakers and MC’s has changed. Find out why your conference and event content is now the single most important factor in your online event.

with Carson White from Leading Voice and Nigel Collin

  • Why professional Speakers and MC’s in your online event are just as (if not) more important now
  • How do you select the right professional Speaker or MC to ensure they can deliver the outcomes and engagement you are looking for in an online environment? 
  • Simple ideas to make sure your non-professional Speaker content is still engaging when delivered online. 
  • The role of a professional MC in your online event, how to brief them and get the best from them. 
  • Do you need to hire professional speakers to motivate and entertain your delegates if you aren’t holding a live event?

Webinar 4 - AV already makes event planners nervous... the word ‘virtual’ just made it a whole lot scarier!

with Andrew Delaney from Scene Change

  • Changing the Chain - Venues used to be the first thing event planners locked in, should we now be talking to an Audio Visual company as the first port of call? 
  • Event run sheets have changed, let’s explore how and why you should be thinking of your event as a ‘broadcast’ on live TV. 
  • How to feel relaxed and comfortable about taking your event virtual. 
  • I’ve been inundated with emails about hiring live studios, is this something I need to explore? 
  • Pre-recorded v’s live content. Should we be looking at a combination of both?