My take on the Oscars Debacle and a couple of tips to help you avoid this at your event

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

Happy Wednesday!
As an Event Manager my heart just sank for the poor people involved in the reading of the wrong winner at The Oscar’s. Gulp.
If that were me I think only an induced sleep would take away that horrible feeling that would be in the pit of my stomach.
In today’s Ninja News Video I share my take on this issue and also share a quick insight into our Award Envelope and Presenter Management Process to help you avoid having this happen at your event. 
All in all, my heart goes out to those involved. There will be accusations and speculation but unless you were backstage no-one really knows what happened.
I love events because of the human element, we aren’t robots, we are people and mistakes happen.
I would love to hear any ideas or stories you have about Award Envelopes.
As always, Happy Eventing!
x Kim