Venues: How do you get event planners to refer your venue to other planners?

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

Hello venue friends!
Event planners love to talk, so how can you get them to talk about your venue? 
I was at a dinner last week and the room was full of corporate event planners, PCO’s and the like. I’m not sure how it came up in conversation but an event manager I was talking to was raving about a Sydney based venue.

What was it about this venue that made the Event Planner have only positive things to say?
No, it wasn’t about the price. It certainly wasn’t about the location, as this venue was in an out of the way kind of place. It wasn’t because they had a great Day Delegate Rate.
It was their customer service.
No mention of price, no mention of included extra’s it was all about how easy the venue made it to deal with them.
It’s interesting isn’t it, sometimes we can become laser focussed on pricing or too busy worrying about what our competitors are doing that we forget the basics.

Watch today’s episode to to see what made this venue so fabulous for this event planner and why she will continue to use the venue time after time.

What is one thing you could do each month to improve one tiny element of your customer service? 
All it takes is one small improvement and then another. After some time you too will be talked about for your exceptional customer service.

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives.
x Kim

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