Venues: How to quickly find venue directories that link to your website

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

Hello venue friends!
Welcome to Venue TV where today I show you one quick little search than can save you a lot of time.

Do you sometimes receive an enquiry from a website you never knew you were listed on? 
Or maybe you are new in your role and there wasn’t a clear paper trail letting you know what memberships and websites your venue is signed up to? 
Or possibly the most frustrating scenario, where a website has added your venue details without your permission. 

The above are all very common scenarios. To help you identify websites you are listed on there is a quick Google search you can perform.

Type into Google:
– link
– then the colon symbol ( : )
– then your website address.
So it would look something like link:

If you have a few internal links within your website these will likely show on page one so you may have to scroll to page 2 of the results until you start seeing other websites that are linking to you.

Why do you want this information?
Anything that is on the World Wide Web can be found by your potential clients. This is why you want to ensure that any information about your venue isn’t wrong or misleading. This is especially important when it comes to your contact details. If your email or phone number is incorrect you could be missing out on enquiries.

Once you have this information
Armed with this information you can contact each website to make the necessary changes and updates to ensure you are represented correctly. 

I hope this has been helpful. I would love to hear how you went, leave a comment below to share your findings (you can remain anonymous). Did you find places you were listed that you didn’t know about? Did you need to make many updates? 

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives.
x Kim

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