Venues: This one photo could instantly increase your function enquiries

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

Hello to all of you wonderful venues with function space. 
Do you advertise your venue on other third party websites like venue directories, convention bureau websites etc? If so, then this short video is a must watch. 
When event planners are looking for a venue the number one thing they look for are your photos. That’s why you need an enticing photo or in my words “You need a killer photo” that will stand out when a planner finds you in their search. Your photo MUST entice them to CLICK and find out more about you. 
I’m sure you do the same thing when you are scrolling through a website to find a hotel room or are shopping online for a pair of shoes, shirt or maybe even a car, in most cases it’s the photo that entices you to CLICK isn’t it? 
The same applies for function space. So go on, jump onto each of the websites where your function space is advertised and if your search results photo wouldn’t entice you to click it’s time to upload a new photo. You only have function enquiries to gain!
x Kim

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