Hybrid Virtual and Live Events

Hybrid, Virtual and Live Events

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event provides the best of both worlds, delegates can attend in-person or online. This means your event can be accessed by a larger number of people, supported by more sponsors and ultimately generate more profit.

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Bridging the Gap...

We’re here to help you bridge the gap between a live and virtual event.

Running an event, in the good-old-days, always had an element of risk and uncertainty... Will people turn up? Will we get enough sponsors? Will delegates enjoy the content? The risk and uncertainty we currently face when running events has been elevated to an all time high, as we are dealing with a world-wide Pandemic that we as event planners have no control over.

We believe in being 100% open and honest with you about the viability of turning your live event into a hybrid event. At the very least we'd love to share some practical hints and tips you can apply immediately to help plan your next event (whatever that may look like).

I have no doubt in my mind that together we can create a benchmark event for you that delivers measurable data and exceeds expectations, oh, and of course have fun along the way!

A few reasons to fall in LOVE with hybrid events

  • Increase attendees (interstate & overseas) who may not have been able to attend in person.
  • Other conferences may have been cancelled so you’re not competing with as many other events for guests, sponsors and speakers - yay!
  • Set yourself apart as an industry leader.
  • Virtual networking provides a fantastic new way for delegates and sponsors to network with each other based on shared interests. Your calendar shows mutually available meeting times making it quick and easy to schedule meetings.
  • Networking online is less intimidating for some than introducing themselves in person.
  • Real time data on the number of booth visits, meetings and connections is captured via your virtual event platform to show ROI to sponsors and stakeholders.
  • You’ll have a library of presentations and content to repurpose.
  • You’re still holding a live event in a real venue with real people that comes along with all the ‘feels’ ‘vibes’ and ‘energy’ that we all love so much.

A few ways in which we can help...

  • Provide advice on the most suitable virtual event platform for your conference
  • Upload conference logos, speaker information, content and create virtual sponsor booths within your virtual event platform
  • Provide delegates with easy to follow instructions and advice on how to use your virtual event platform
  • Provide guidance and advice around the structure of your hybrid event, ensuring we have the perfect mix of live and pre-recorded content
  • On the day virtual team - providing peace of mind, so you can enjoy your event and engage with your guests
  • Provide input and advice into new sponsorship ideas and packages to generate more revenue and increase sponsors
  • We will contact each of your speakers to provide support and communicate instructions ensuring they are prepped and ready for their presentation

Who do we work with?

  • Venues who would like to offer hybrid event options to their clients
  • Corporate companies who are planning their annual conference and aren't able to fly national team members to one location
  • Associations looking to make their national conference accessible to interstate and international delegates
  • Companies planning an event or conference who would like to explore the world of hybrid events
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