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Online Event - Fill My Function Space #COVID-19Style

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Hi there fellow event industry comrade,

Many of us have a few COVID-19 war wounds, scrapes and scars and if you’re reading this, yay to you, you made it through the crazy year that was!

Now, it’s time to dust ourselves off and do what we do best - bring people together. 

Join us for a fun and relaxed chat that will take you inside the minds of events planners to help you win more business and fill your function space. We’ve included time to discuss how COVID-19 has changed the way event planners book venues and what their concerns and hesitations are. 

The session is designed to give you a bunch of practical hints and tips (without spending money) that you can take away and action immediately.

We’ll share with you:

  • What event planners currently want from a venue. We’ll talk about going hybrid, flexible payment terms, reduced budgets and what’s scaring them right now.
  • Your in-house or preferred audio visual team will play a huge role in helping you convert enquiries, what information is an event planner looking for? 
  • Simple updates to your website that will increase inbound enquiries.
  • What an event planner really wants to see in your quotes and proposals and what we actually do to them before showing our bosses or clients.
  • Questions to ask an event planner to increase your chances of winning their business.
  • How event planners search for venues and what makes them contact one venue over another.
  • The way in which event planners would like you to handle their enquiry and follow them up.
  • Why some of your online advertising may not be getting great ROI and what to do about it.

Event Details

Time: 10.30am - 11.15am
Where: Your computer, tablet or smartphone
Dress: Whatever you like!
Capacity: Limited to 10 venues per session
RSVP: Select your preferred session below
Wednesday 5th May
Wednesday 2nd June

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Who should attend?

This online event is ideal for you if:

  • You are responsible for selling function space and converting event enquiries
  • Are an in-house event manager within a venue
  • You are looking for ways to get the most from your online advertising
  • You have a limited marketing budget and need some quick hints and tips to get ROI
  • Want to better understand how an event planner selects a venue and what they will do to your proposal before showing it to their boss
  • Are a venue owner or manager and are looking for ways to increase enquiries and conversion rates without spending money
  • Would love some easy to implement ideas that will increase event bookings

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