Waji Catering

Bonnington Road, West Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

About Waji Catering

As one of Tasmania’s leading Chefs, caterers and industry consultants, Waji’s cooking experience circumnavigates the globe from Tasmanian icon restaurant such as Roche’s and T42, 5 star hotels and resorts of Australia through to hotels in Europe and Asia. Whilst his travels have helped to define the influence of his cooking, Waji’s biggest influence is the fresh regional produce or ingredient itself. When Waji presents a dish, he talks about each ingredient and what taste sensation it brings to the mouth.

Our Areas of Speciality

Respect is the key to Waji’s success
Respect for the produce - local and fresh
Respect for the client - listening and delivery of what you want
Respect for his staff - professional, trained and focussed on making your event the experience it needs to be
Respect for the location - whether it be in the Hobart town hall for 1000 or a remote Tasmania beach for 10

His canvas is the plate, his colours are the fresh ingredients and his respect for it’s flavours create the masterpiece.

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