An email tip to prevent ‘no-shows’ on the day

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

In today’s episode of Event Ninja News, I share my one little email tip to prevent ‘no-shows’ on the day of your event.

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Do you ever worry that people won’t turn up to your event? Are you afraid that you’ll have empty chairs or worse still, an empty room?!

I always send out a reminder email to all guests in the week leading up to an event. Let’s be honest, up to this point, many of your guests have not committed to actually turning up on the day. We’re all busy people and last minute things pop up. It happens.

I’ve found though, that if I had this one line of text to our confirmation emails, it can help to get those people over the line and have them turning up to your event.

It is simply…

“Our event is at full capacity. If you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can offer your seat to someone else.”

So, what does this do exactly?

Well, first it creates some excitement about your event. An event which is at full capacity must be worth attending, right?

It also puts the onus back on the individual… if they decide not to show up, it means someone else has missed out.

And don’t worry if your event isn’t at capacity. It will be our little secret! No one knows how many people you want at your event or can fit in the room. There are always ways to make your room look a bit more filled out than it really is… perhaps change your seating from theatre-style to cabaret-style or put less people on each table.

Implement this tip though, and I’m sure you’ll have a room full of eager guests wanting to be involved!

Do you have any tips for encouraging people to turn up to your event? I’d love to hear your ideas. Leave me a comment here and I’ll be sure to reply.

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives.

x Kim

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