What to do when a speaker asks for an Internet connection

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

In today’s episode of Event Ninja News I explain what you need to think about when a speaker at your event asks for an internet connection.
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When a speaker at your event asks you for an internet connection, it means so much more than just giving them a code for the WI-FI! You have to get your event detective on and find out a little more information.
Now, normally we would run all presentations from the AV desk where our AV operators are in control, but this one request usually means that your speaker wants to demonstrate a live webpage during their presentation.
This mean that you’re going to have to arrange a fast, reliable internet connection to the lectern (not the AV desk) as they will usually need to move through webpages themselves.
A fast reliable laptop at the lectern will normally need to be added to your AV budget. You DO NOT want your speaker plugging their laptop in as they come to stage… there are SO many things that could go wrong with this scenario!
You will also need a mouse and surface for them to operate from. You may also want to think about a lapel microphone, as I find when presenters are demonstrating something on screen, they turn around towards the main screen and away from the lectern microphone.
Now, some events will have a strict policy of NO internet demonstrations and allow powerpoint slides only. Some industries and presentations though, call for live demonstrations… sometimes they just can’t be avoided.
So please make sure you ask each speaker if they need an Internet connection. If they do, get in touch with them and have a conversation about exactly what they need to achieve. This simple step will ensure you know exactly what to prepare for so there are no surprises on the day!
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Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives.
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