3 Questions that will help find sponsors for your event

Kim Hesse sm

Kim Hesse

Are you looking for sponsors for your event? Or maybe you’ve run out of ideas on who to approach, what type of companies to approach, to sponsor your event.
I guess a common misconception is that sponsorship is reserved only for those big events and conferences but I’ve seen sponsorship work exceptionally well for events with 60 people in the room. Sponsorship doesn’t have to be a $10,000 price tag, someone might sponsor your event for $150 or for $500 or $1000.
So how do you come up with a list for potential sponsors? Three simple questions:

Question 1 – Who is in the room at your event?
Get really specific about the types of companies, the job roles that people hold. Who is in the room at your event?
Your event is really powerful because you have a captive audience. You have 50, 100, 200, 500 people in the room at your event. And this is where question 2 comes in.

Question 2 – Who wants to sell to those people?
Who wants to sell to your captive audience? Who wants to get their brand in front of the people in the room at your event.
Start jotting down a list, get the white board, get the team together and start brainstorming.
Let me give you an example, maybe you have a room full of accountants. Who wants to sell to accountants? Well I can think of one… accounting software that accountants can recommend for their clients. Accountants have a lot of business owners that they work with, business owners need insurance so maybe business insurance companies want to get their brand in front of accountants?
Business owners need a lot of printing done, business cards, stationary so maybe a printing company might want to sponsor your event and get their brand in front of accountants?
Accountants may also have clients in a high income bracket so maybe there is a travel agent who would like to promote or a car company for those clients who need to get rid of a bit of excess cash before the end of financial year?
Thinking this way, thinking outside the square, can actually give you a really big list of potential sponsors for your event. A list of companies who want to get their brand in front of the people in your room.
And the third question you need to ask yourself is…

Question 3 – When you have got that list of potential sponsors, are any of the people on that list my competitors?
If they are you better cross them off because they’re certainly not going to sponsor your event but at least you’ve got a big list, an outside of the square list, of sponsors you can approach for your next event.

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives.
x Kim

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