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Step Ten: Event Budget

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Event budget

As event manager you are responsible for managing the budget of your event. Of course, it is important to stick to and perhaps even come in under budget, this step also gives you an opportunity to highlight the importance of your time.

Below you will find your Event Budget Template. It has three tabs:

  1. Expenses - A list of possible event expenses (there may be sneaky little items in here that you haven’t considered and you can simply delete those you don’t need)
  2. Revenue – List your ticket and sponsorship revenue here
  3. Profit + Loss – Is your event cash flow positive or negative? 

Refer to Page 32 of your Purpose Manual to complete this step.

Document & Template downloads

The 'Event Budget' spreadsheet is specifically related to Step Ten of Module 1.

Budget 2

Document & Template downloads

The 'Module 1: Purpose' manual will be referenced throughout the steps of this module.

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