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Step One: Venue Brief

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Venue Brief

Our Venue Brief is a simple, yet detailed document that outlines our event requirements and what we are looking for in a venue. We create a Venue Brief for the purpose of being clear on what we require for our event and supplying exactly the same information to each venue.

By being as detailed as possible and including every single aspect of your event it allows the venues to give you a more accurate quote. This saves you time as hopefully, each venue has included in their quote everything you asked for which will make it so much easier to compare one venue with another.

Refer to page 2 of your Place Manual to complete this step.

Below you will find your Venue Brief Template. Please note this is a very basic design allowing you to add your company logo or event branding prior to sending.

Audio Visual Crash Course

Audio Visual Crash Course

An important component of preparing your Venue Brief is Audio Visual, it is actually a large part of your budget and each venue deals with this component in a different way. Some venues will have their own in-house audio-visual equipment, others will have external companies you have to get a quote from. To help ensure you are asking for all of the audio-visual components you require I have included a quick AV crash course to help you prepare your Venue Brief.

Refer to page 11 of your Place Manual for your AV Crash Course.

Document & Template downloads

The 'Module 2: Place' manual will be referenced throughout the steps of this module.

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