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Welcome to Module 3 – PEOPLE. 

Venue choice is paramount to any event. The place you select sets the scene for the entire conference. Your venue selection will determine if guests decide whether to attend or not.

What does the venue say about the brand of your client?

We will cover the Venue Brief which will help you hunt for the perfect venue for your event and compare proposals from your selected venues with hints and tips on negotiating and getting the best deals for your event.

Audio Visual is usually one of your biggest expenses during an event so we have included an AV crash course to make sure you don’t miss an important component in comparing one venue to another.

Looking at different catering options, set up styles, bump in and bump out, parking, everything plays a part in choosing the perfect venue as well as the all important site inspections, we will cover what you should look for in choosing the best venue for your event.

Download the manual for this module below.

The 'Module 3: People' manual will be referenced throughout the steps of this module.

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